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Saturday, November 24, 2012

First week of the 2012-2013 season

Here at the Rustler, we are just winding down the first week of the season – and what a week it’s been! From November 9-11, Alta benefited from a classic lake-effect storm, accumulating 51” total and enabling the ski lifts to start turning on November 16. Then, another storm hit us with nearly a foot of snow the following weekend, creating truly great conditions for opening week. From fresh powder on the Backside to smooth, creamy wind-buffed snow on Sunspot, West Rustler and High Rustler, we were all enjoying ourselves!

Thanksgiving at the Rustler was great fun as usual. It was a bluebird day on the mountain, and Tom Pollard carved up the turkey for the traditional buffet. Not surprisingly, everyone went to bed having overeaten. 

We are all very excited for a great season at Alta!

Powder skiing on November 19th? Yep.

Super creamy on the Backside, November 20th.

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