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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

High Rustler face shots

Conditions keep getting better! It's been snowing for the last five days and as of today we're at 40" storm total, though this video was filmed on Sunday after "only" 24". The High Traverse is back in business - no more walking across rocks for us - and the Backside has been phenomenal. Ballroom and the Shoulder opened today after being closed the last few days and were lovely. We even had a mid-storm break yesterday and got to ski some primo windbuff on West Rustler. If you've never skied "West Buffler," as we like to call it, you're in for a treat if it happens while you're visiting. When the wind hammers the exposed runs below the High Traverse, they get "groomed" perfectly smooth and creamy. It's really a delight to ski. Come on out and help us carve it up!
Andrew Pollard filmed this run down High Rustler on Sunday. Face shots are not in short supply!

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