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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bluebird days but more snow coming!

After a week of perfect bluebird skies, cold air, and soft (if not fresh) snow, there is finally another storm in the forecast! From Wasatch Snow Forecast we get this update today:

"...the real storm that will drop good amounts of fresh snow... is coming in on Thursday. Another system could follow this one on Sunday, although there is still uncertainty with regard to the second system. Conservative first estimates for snowfall totals for the high Wasatch on Thursday and Friday is 6-16″. Might have to go higher as we approach the storm. It is a cold storm so valleys will see snow as well and ratios will be high so it will pile up quickly. Full update tonight..."

This is great news for Alta, since although the base we have has been skiing really well, we are all eager for more powder. This despite the fact that the high pressure we've had the last week or so has allowed Alta to open 100% of terrain for the first time this year. Devil's Castle opened first on Thursday, followed the next day by Baldy and then East Castle on Sunday. All skied well, and allowed us to have some fresh powder shots even though it hadn't snowed in a while.

This panoramic shot from the top of Baldy was posted on Alta's website... really phenomenal!

And this Pic of the Day is from January 4th. "Could the sky have been any more blue?"

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